Finishing Trades Institute

I had the pleasure of visiting the Finishing Trades Institute of Mid Atlantic Region, right here in the district. They are committed to setting students up for successful and valuable careers in trade. Students can enroll in the Institute for fifteen-week periods during the fall and spring semesters, leaving with skills in CPR, first aid, scaffold development, and OSHA safety courses. All students are granted the MC3 certificate at the end of the course, making them eligible and well-prepared to start a career in the trade of their choice.

I toured the facilities and saw firsthand the incredible work they’re doing. They hire apprentices based on contractor needs, ensuring that every apprentice has work opportunities waiting for them upon graduation. I am so fortunate to represent labor unions and the Finishing Trades right here in Northeast Philly. We have the best labor force in the country because of programs like this!

It was a privilege to see the work the Finishing Trade Institute is doing to set future employees up for success. #Unionstrong #JourneywithJimmy

Finishing Trades Institute of Mid Atlantic Region

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Fink’s Hoagies

Dennis Fink is the self-proclaimed King of Hoagies, and he certainly puts his money where his mouth is! Fink’s was voted best hoagie by Philly Magazine and the Inquirer – and for good reason. They are using fresh ingredients daily and have truly mastered the art of a good sandwich. Aside from their tasty and affordable hoagies, Fink’s is a small place with BIG personality. They have been serving our community with laughs and full stomachs for 20 years now. Their creative approach to hoagies sets them apart from the rest. With hoagies named after Northeast Philly neighborhoods, it’s hard to choose which one you want!

Let me know which hoagie is your favorite – I recommend the Torresdale!

Fink's Hoagies

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Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy

Giddy up, everyone! I had the incredible opportunity to visit Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy for a Journey with Jimmy, and I’m truly inspired by the amazing work they do!

Pegasus is dedicated to providing therapeutic horseback riding programs and equine-assisted services for children and adults with disabilities. Led by PATH-certified instructors, they offer over 100 lessons per week, helping riders improve physical strength, motor skills, and self-esteem. Pegasus offers a variety of innovative programs, including an autism program, a summer program, and more, all aimed at promoting independence and well-being for individuals with disabilities.  

Founded in 1982 by Carol and Rich Tatum, Pegasus has grown from serving 15 children a week to a full-time program benefiting over 100 individuals. I am so proud to have an institution like this in my district that is dedicated to bringing smiles and improving lives through therapeutic horseback riding programs and equine-assisted services.

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy

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PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society)

PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless and at-risk pets. PAWS is the city’s largest rescue partner and provider of affordable, basic veterinary care for pet owners and rescue organizations that cannot otherwise access it. PAWS is more than just a pet rescue organization; they’re our four-legged friends’ superhero squad! In 2023, PAWS rescued 2,378 homeless pets and served 28,723 clinic patients. PAWS mission is to make Philadelphia a no-kill city, where every savable pet is guaranteed a home.

I had the pleasure of visiting one of the PAWS locations right here in our district. The Northeast Adoption Center & Low-Cost Clinic is open 5-6 days a week for vet appointments, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery. Unfortunately, their adoption center is temporarily closed. During COVID, they were able to find homes for every animal they had at their center which is an amazing feat. But with COVID also came understaffing issues that made it hard for them to open back up with a full time staff dedicated to the adoption center. They are hoping to be able to open that back up in the near future.

Let’s give a round of a-PAWS to their dedication to providing top notch and affordable pet care to our furry best friends!


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Joseph’s Pizza Parlor

Joseph’s Pizza Parlor is a staple in the Fox Chase section of Northeast Philly. If you like good food, you know about Joseph’s. Opened in 1966 by Fox Chase legend Joseph DiLullo, Joseph’s Pizza has been a cherished part of our community for over 50 years. In 2021, the partners of Gaul & Co took the reins, making a commitment to preserve the integrity of this local gem, stepping up to ensure Joseph’s Pizza continues to be a cornerstone of Fox Chase.

As residents of Rockledge & Fox Chase, Gaul & Co are on a mission to bring mouthwatering pizza back to our neighborhood. Their dedication to this community hub reflects the spirit that makes Northeast Philly so special.

Watch this week’s delicious Journey with Jimmy episode and you might end up with a new Friday night pizza spot. 

Joseph’s Pizza Parlor

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Rieker’s Prime Meats

Rieker’s Prime Meats is the premier destination for hand-made, authentic German lunchmeats and sausages; but they have so much more!

Family owned since 1970 and in the heart of Fox Chase since 1972, Marcus Rieker is continuing his father’s legacy by offering quality and delicious food to his neighbors. When you step inside Rieker’s you’re not just a customer; you’re embraced like family. The warm inviting ambiance has made Rieker’s a beloved destination, drawing patrons from both near and far.

Rieker's Prime Meats

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Ryerss Museum and Library

I recently had an eye-opening tour of Ryerss Museum and Library in Northeast Philly. Located in Burholme Park, this hidden gem boasts a remarkable collection spanning generations.

From family heirlooms to Asian art, the museum showcases a diverse array of treasures. The Ryerss Mansion’s original rooms beautifully display art, furniture, and portraits, offering a glimpse into the family’s rich history. The rear galleries house fascinating finds from around the world. Porcelain from China, pottery from Europe, Native American baskets, and more. It’s a cultural journey within our own community.

Ryerss Library, serving since 1910, welcomes book lovers with open arms. From bestsellers to children’s literature, it’s a haven for readers of all ages. Plus, the Children’s Section is stocked with fun activities for our little ones.

Supporting our local cultural hubs makes our community stronger. Plan your visit and uncover the rich history right here in Northeast Philly!

Ryerss Museum and Library

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Glen Foerd

Come with us on today’s #journeywithjimmy to picturesque Glen Foerd – a piece of history nestled in the heart of Torresdale, right on the Delaware River. Built in the mid-19th century, this historic mansion and estate stand as a testament to the bygone era when Philadelphia’s elite got away from city summers by heading to sprawling country estates along the riverbanks of the Northeast.

Today, Glen Foerd isn’t just a relic of the past. It’s living, breathing history combining the best elements of a museum and a public park for visitors of all ages. From architecture and art to lush gardens and waterways, Glen Foerd is a vital part of Philly’s natural and cultural ecosystems.

If you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or just looking for a peaceful spot by the river, Glen Foerd has something for you!

Glen Foerd

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Journey With Jimmy: Philadelphia Fire Academy

This week’s Journey with Jimmy episode highlights a very important institution right here in our district. The Philadelphia Fire Academy is tasked with bringing Philadelphia citizens in to become uniformed members of the Philadelphia Fire Department. Members undergo nine months of training; including five months of EMT training followed by another four months of fire site training.  

Tis the season for fire hazards, folks. With the holiday season upon us, let’s talk fire safety. We’re fortunate to have this local fire academy right here in our district – a crucial resource for our community.

As we decorate our homes for Christmas, remember the basics: keep the trees watered, candles supervised, and lights checked. Let’s celebrate safely and ensure our festivities stay merry and bright.

Big thanks to our local fire academy for ensuring that we have well trained first responders ready to keep our community safe.

Basketball Summer Camp

This week’s Journey with Jimmy episode took place just outside of Northeast Philly. Combining my passion and drive for helping our youth as a State Senator with my love for basketball makes for a rewarding day of work!

Basketball has taken me all over the world and has provided me with so many opportunities in life. This inspires me to make sure other kids can get the same opportunities I did. That is why I was so excited when Councilman Isaiah Thomas asked me to be a part of his summer basketball camp. Councilman Thomas and I bonded over our love for basketball right off the bat, but what made for an even better working partnership was when we teamed up to see what we can do for our youth at both the city and state levels.

Kids deserve to have safe environments to engage in youth sports. Councilman Thomas came to support me when I introduced The Respect the Whistle Act, which is about protecting the people who make youth sports possible and creating an atmosphere of respect and safety. These partnerships are crucial when advocating for our kids!

Fox Chase Farm

The roots of Fox Chase Farm date back to a land grant from William Penn and I’m proud that a small piece of colonial Philadelphia still exists here in my district. Today, the farm continues its legacy as an educational facility where students from across the region come to connect with the world of agriculture. I’m proud that in 2023, kids from the city and the suburbs can come to Northeast Philly, put down their phones, and get a glimpse of our history and, maybe, their future. Most probably won’t become farmers, but at least they’ll know that the food on their tables starts well before mom and dad buy it at Acme. So throw on some overalls and join us for a moooving Journey with Jimmy! 

Fox Chase Farm

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Burholme Family Fun Center

I’ve got an exciting local treasure to share on this week’s #JourneywithJimmy episode – the Burholme Family Fun Center. This place has been a beloved part of our community since the 1940s, and it’s a true hole-in-one for family fun! At Burholme, you can enjoy a delightful game of mini golf or you can practice your golf swing on the driving range. If you’ve got a budding baseball star in the house, they offer batting cages to help perfect that homerun swing. There is truly something for the whole family!

What’s remarkable is how Burholme has evolved over the years through different renovations to always offer the best amenities which is a testament to their commitment to providing the best experience for our community. If you’re searching for a fun day out or looking to create lasting family memories, I encourage you to explore the Burholme Family Fun Center. Let’s support this local gem and make the most of the unique recreational opportunities it offers right here in our district!

Burholme Family Fun Center

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Gino’s Pizza Café

What’s the first question you hear when the Birds are about to kickoff and someone shows up with a pizza? “Where is it from?”

Good pizza can make even a blowout victory better, and bad pizza… well, not even a game-winning pick-six can fix that!

I want to introduce you to a true gem in our community: Gino’s Pizza Café. This family-owned restaurant has been a part of Mayfair in Northeast Philadelphia since 1987. Vince treats his staff like family, which means when you step into Gino’s, you’re not just getting a meal; you’re getting a warm welcome and a quality dish that tastes just like grandma used to make.

In this delicious episode of Journey with Jimmy, you might discover your new Friday night pizza spot…if it’s not already on top of your list! 

Remember, when the answer is “Gino’s,” you know you’re on the road to victory.

Warning: Don’t watch this episode on an empty stomach! 

Ginos Pizza Cafe

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Carpenters Joint Apprentice Training Center of Philadelphia & Vicinity

On this Labor Day and Back-to-School themed Journey with Jimmy, we’re taking a field trip to the Carpenters Joint Apprentice Training Center of Philadelphia & Vicinity! We dive deep into the world of technical education right here in Northeast Philly. You’ll see how students with no previous carpentry experience walk away with the foundation of a skilled trade, a boost in confidence, and a ticket to opportunities.


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Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Thinkers as far back as Da Vinci have been fascinated by what it takes to build a craft that can soar through the air. In today’s world, some of the best career opportunities are in the mechanical trades. In this back-to-school-themed Journey with Jimmy, we’ll discover how skilled technicians keep our aircraft flying at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance right here in Northeast Philly! AIM’s dedication to high standards and innovative teaching methods prepares students for success in the aviation industry. If you love engines, planes, or cutting-edge technology ―grab your boarding pass and come fly with me as we explore the Aviation Institute of Maintenance!

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

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